Prana Wellness Services

Individual Therapy

Our therapy is focused on your unique needs. We will meet weekly to establish a relationship of trust and begin addressing the concerns that brought you to seek treatment. Our treatment is founded in Interpersonal psychology, which speaks to the importance of connection and trust in our therapy relationship and creating a safe space for open, honest communication, self-expression, and self-exploration. I also pull from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which allows us to better understand the connections between your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Together we will explore these matters and work them through to bring you relief and a greater ability to manage them. I believe that no one knows you better than you do, and my goal is to foster a deeper understanding and guide you in your journey.

Couples Therapy

Couples find themselves seeking therapy for a variety of reasons; pre-marriage counseling, addressing issues in the relationship such as communication or unmet needs, as well as assistance with separation or divorce. I approach couple’s therapy from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective, connecting our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as Emotion Focused therapy, which allows me to guide partners of couples in the identification of their own emotions, and those of their partner. In couple’s therapy, we will navigate these issues together, creating a safe space for open, honest communication and self-expression where couple’s learn to better listen and express themselves. Depending on the age of any child or children, referrals for child therapists will be available should that be a concern.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful experience. Groups are made up of eight to ten participants and once all members are established, the group remains closed, allowing for members to connect to each other and establish a foundation of trust and safety. I have found that relating to others with similar experiences and learning you are not alone in your struggles can be transformative. I approach group treatment using Irvin Yalom’s perspective, guiding group members to openly share their experiences and get support and feedback from other members. As the group leader, I guide the group in this process and provide support along the way. Depending on the nature of the group, treatment may also teach and encourage practice of coping skills, such as mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, or relapse prevention.

Upcoming Events and Workshops


Balance & Self Care Seminar
Location: Flow Yoga Studio, Ho Ho Kus, NJ
An hour to pause and connect to what moves us. Explore the connection between the emotional, physical, and spiritual balance

5/16/18 – 6/6/18

Vulnerability & Connection
Location: Indian Rock Yoga Studio, Suffern, NY
Four-week workshop exploring the emotional and spiritual connection of our yoga practice, on and off our mats. Connect to others, breathe, meditate, and share