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Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

Our experiences impact how we approach life. This can be positive and lead to the development of healthy coping or it can lead to unhelpful ways of coping and approaching life and its challenges. Often we move through life seeking familiar comforts and avoiding pain. However it is through challenges that we learn the most about ourselves and grow.

In my practice, I help clients take those necessary steps in their journey of self-discovery in a safe, empathic environment. I facilitate exploration and resolution of emotional difficulties and help harness one’s innate ability to change through seeking deeper understanding and acceptance of oneself. Our work begins where you are. We are guided by your needs, and where you would like to go.


“Although I have seen many mental health specialists in the past and can continue to see them at no out of pocket cost, I choose to see Dr. Nicolosi out of my healthcare network for a reasonable rate. Dr. Nicolosi is down to earth, extremely easy to talk to/confide in. Dr. Nicolosi is responsible for properly diagnosing/treating me for an issue that was misdiagnosed and tortured me for over 15 years following 9/11/01. I can honestly say she GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK.”

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